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Cell phones For CTI

The cell phones available for CTI are:

Alcatel 105th
Alcatel 157th
Alcatel 159th
Alcatel 257th
Alcatel 260th
Alcatel 331st
Alcatel 332nd
Alcatel 355th
Alcatel 552nd
Alcatel 557th
Alcatel 652
Alcatel c560a
Alcatel Elle
Alcatel OT205
Alcatel OTS853
LG MG130
LG MG185
LG MG200
LG MG210
LG MG220
LG MG240
LG MG300d
LG MG810d
Motorola c155
Motorola c136
Motorola c140
Motorola c155
Motorola c200
Motorola c236
Motorola c236i
Motorola c261
Motorola c333
Motorola c350
Motorola c381p
Motorola c650
Motorola e380
Motorola K1
Motorola L6
Motorola L7
Motorola Rokr
Motorola PEBL
Motorola v172
Motorola v180
Motorola v186
Motorola v191
Motorola v220i
Motorola v235
Motorola v3
Motorola v3 Black
Motorola v3i
Motorola v300
Motorola v360
Motorola v400p
Motorola v555
Motorola v600
Motorola w220
Nokia 1108
Nokia 1100
Nokia 1110
Nokia 1112
Nokia 2650
Nokia 3100
Nokia 3200
Nokia 3220
Nokia 3300
Nokia 3595
Nokia 3600
Nokia 5200
Nokia 6020
Nokia 6061
Nokia 6080b
Nokia 6101
Nokia 6103
Nokia 6125
Nokia 6131
Nokia 6200
Nokia 6230
Nokia 6620
Nokia 6682
Nokia 6800
Nokia 6820
Nokia 9300
Nokia E50
Nokia E62
Nokia n-gage
Nokia N73
Nokia N90
Pantech PG-1310v
Pantech PG-1410
Pantech PG-1610
Pantech PG-3210
Pantech PG-3810
Pantech PG-6100
Sagem My400L
Sagem Trio
Sagem xt1
Samsung 426
Samsung 486
Samsung 495
Samsung 636
Samsung c406
Samsung 836
Samsung D900
Samsung e316
Samsung E376
Samsung e736
Samsung E906
Samsung T519
Samsung T809
Samsung x156
Samsung x166
Samsung x356
Samsung x467
Samsung x686
Siemens a53
Siemens a56
Siemens c66
Siemens s56
Siemens SL56
Sony Ericsson eva
Sony Ericsson j100
Sony Ericsson k300
Sony Ericsson k310
Sony Ericsson k510a
Sony Ericsson k790
Sony Ericsson p910
Sony Ericsson t106
Sony Ericsson t226
Sony Ericsson t237
Sony Ericsson t290
Sony Ericsson t616
Sony Ericsson t637
Sony Ericsson w300
Sony Ericsson w600
Sony Ericsson w710i
Sony Ericsson w810
Sony Ericsson z500
Sony Ericsson z520
Sony Ericsson z550a
Sony Ericsson z710
Treo 600
Treo 650

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