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Cell phones Lg

Lg C1300:
This model of Cell phone LG has a really elegant and light design. His screen is 65.000 colors.

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Lg L1300
Lg L1150:
His principal screen is 128 x 160 pixels and 65.000 colors. It has a monochrome external screen with useful information like for example the hour.

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Lg L1150
Lg L1400:
It has double screen of 65.000 colors, with Identification for photo. Also it has integrated photos camera and much more.

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Lg L1400
Lg ME591:
His external screen of 260.000 colors and 128 x 160 pixels and the external screen of 65.000 colors transform the LG ME591 into an unbeatable cell phone. Also it has a breeding animal of Mp3 and many things more.
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Lg ME591
Lg MG150:
Double screen color has the Cell phone LG MG150. Games Java, ringtones polyphonic and many other things.
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Lg MG150
Lg MG170:
This cell phone has a screen of 65.000 colors, internal antenna, design Slider, games Java and many other characteristics.
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LG MG170
Lg MG220d:
This cell phone has a screen of 65.000 colors and 128x128 pixels, monochrome external screen, internal antenna, of black color, tribanda and greatly more.
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LG MG220d
Lg MG270:
There presents a screen of 65.000 colors and resolution of 128x128 pixels. Loudspeaker, memo of voice, voice notes, ringtones polyphonic and photo camera vga integrated.
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LG MG270

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