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Cell phones Samsung

Samsung sgh-c406:
Chamber of photos digital VGA, screen polyphonic LCD of 65.000 colors, tones and much more.

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Samsung sgh-c406
Samsung sgh-e376:
Small cell phone with integrated digital camera of 1.3 megapixels, connectivity by means of Bluetooth, breeding animal of MP3, system of opening Slider and much more. It is irresistible.

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Samsung sgh-e376
Samsung sgh-x467:
Screen interns of 65.000 colors and external with call identifier. Polyphonic tones of 40 tones. It records voice notes and much more.

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Samsung sgh-x467
Samsung sgh-d900:
Samsung D900 has system slider. It is ultrathin with magnesium surface. Chamber of 3 megapixels, connectivity Bluetooth and a screen TFT LCD of 262.000 colors.

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Samsung sgh-d900
Samsung sgh-d836:
It is very small, a header in any side. Samsung D836, measures 9,9 mm of thickness and he is of magnesium. Digital Chamber of 2 megapixels, visualizador of documents and breeding animal of MP3.

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Samsung sgh-d836
Samsung sgh-t519:
Samsung T519 is ultrathin. It has a camera of 1.3 megapixels, with the keys specialized to the left and that of the choke to the right. His keyboard is wide and his attractive design.

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Samsung sgh-t519

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