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Cell phones Sony Ericsson

Sony Ericsson T237:
It is small and of little weight. Of simple design and a good screen. Polyphonic Ringtones of 32 notes, and much more.

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Sony Ericsson T237
Sony Ericsson T290a:
His screen is 4.096 colors, his menu is intuitive and calling is very easy. This cell phone is compact and comfortable.

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Sony Ericsson T290a
Sony Ericsson Z300a:
Small phone with big style, he exchanges his carcazas for the color that you wish yourself.

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Sony Ericsson Z300a
Sony Ericsson Z500a:
Phone to work or to play, very organized. Excellent sound and easy to use. Very much style, a lot of rapidity. Double screen to color and integrated digital camera.

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Sony Ericsson Z500a
Sony Ericsson T637:
Chamber of photos integrated VGA and screen of clear colors. I shared your emotions by means of the technology Bluetooth and infrared.

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Sony Ericsson T637
Sony Ericsson P910a:
Direct access to the mails, elegant and technological. Digital Chamber VGA of photo and video. Big screen of 262.000 colors. Really an office in your cell phone.

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Sony Ericsson P910a
Sony Ericsson K700i:
It has a screen to color of the highest quality, a digital camerawoman VGA who films. It is possible to use like phone or like camera.

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Sony Ericsson K700i
Sony Ericsson S710a:
A digital camera or a cell phone? Both things. Of the most beautiful esthetics, his lid is revolving and his camera is to 1.3 Mp. Briefly, it is Impressive.

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Sony Ericsson S710a

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